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Alejandra G Iniguez, CCH, RSHom(NA)


I graduated from the American Medical College of Homeopathy, and started my practice in 2006. After that I have been attending seminars and lectures regularly as ongoing education. I have three children, adults and teenager, who have been treated with homeopathy for most of their lives. My oldest child had eczema problems since he was born. At the age of three he had many allergies and asthma, and after all conventional treatments had failed, I was introduced to Homeopathy. I was so impressed at the initial consultation for its comprehensiveness, that I said to myself, ‘if this works, I’ll become a Homeopath’. And it worked! Now I am one of the few Homeopaths in Arizona who practices both in English and Spanish. I enjoy having a practice where I see people from all ages, children, adolescents and adults, who come with a wide range of acute and chronic diseases at physical, emotional, and mental levels.

Sonoran Homeopathy is committed to helping you obtain your optimal physical, emotional and mental health. We specialize in gentle, safe, and effective healing using Classical Homeopathy.

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