initial consultation


Since homeopathy looks at the whole person, not just a single ailment or diagnosis, the initial consultation is a highly in-depth interview where the homeopath will try to get a detailed picture of the patient at the mental, emotional and physical levels. The patient explains in detail their present symptoms, thoughts and feelings, and the past history that has led them to this present health condition. The homeopath will also inquire about the patient's idiosyncratic characteristics like food cravings, temperature preference, habits and peculiar things that make this individual unique. This first consultation may take two hours or more, after which the homeopath analyzes the whole picture, and a single remedy is advised to the patient which best covers the totality of the symptoms. This remedy is given in an appropriate potency and frequency of repetition according to the assessment of the patient's needs.

follow up

After a suitable period of time, the patient is called again for a follow-up to assess the effect of the remedy given. Follow-ups usually take from 30 to 45 minutes. At first follow-up might be 4-8 weeks apart, depending on the particular case and condition, and then become less frequent as the patient gets better. The number of consultations and remedies needed to obtain optimal health varies for each patient according to their condition.

10 minute free consultation

If you are not sure about what is homeopathy or how Homeopathy can help you with your condition, I would gladly have a 10 minute consultation over the phone to answer questions.

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